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About Our Loans

If you need a small personal loan that best suits you, we can offer a loan for purchasing household goods, a new car, home improvements or even paying for a holiday!

We are a responsible and ethical lender, and we will only lend if you can afford the repayments. So, whatever the reason we are here to help. 

Why our members love our loans:-    

  • Highly competitive interest rates. 
  • Repayments are tailored to individual circumstances.
  • The interest charged varies from 2% - 3% per month on the reducing balance (unlike most lenders and equivalent to 26.7% - 42.6% APR).

We can help you to manage your loan sustainably.

  • We do not charge an arrangement fee. 
  • We do not make you pay an early repayment penalty. If you repay early then you save interest.
  • You can pay flexibly - weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
  • Continue to save as you repay your loan.

Normal LoanChild Benefit LoanEmergency Loan Christmas Loan
Max amount I can apply for?3 x Savings plus £200 £500£3002 x Savings 
How long can I borrow for?36 months12 months / 52 weeks12 months12 months
Interest rate2% p/m or 26.7% p/a3% p/m or 42.6% p/a3% p/m or 42.6% p/a2% p/m or 26.7% p/a
Are there any fees for paying early?NoNoNoNo
Can I save at the same time?YesYesYesYes
Do I need to have savings with Holdfast before applying?

Normal loan: Yes – you will need to have been saving for at least 9 months
Child Benefit Loan: No – but we have to see a cleared CB payment from HMRC before releasing funds 
Emergency Loan: No 
Christmas Loan: Yes – you will need to have a separate Christmas account to access this product

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