Christmas will be here before we know it - and every year the cost seems to increase! Here are some hints to help with the cost of Christmas this year. 

First thing's first - SET A BUDGET

If you set yourself a budget you will be less likely to overspend at Christmas. Write a list of everyone you intend to buy for and set a limit for how much you will spend on each person. And remember to stick to it! 

Make space and make some money!

Take the advice of Marie Kondo and if it doesn't bring you joy - get rid! Facebook marketplace is a great place to sell your items, and it's free to list! There's plenty of local indoor car boot sales happening between now and Christmas - why not join up with a friend to split the table fees?


If you can, don't leave it until the last minute! 

Once you have your budget sorted, get scouring the net for all the sales happening between now and Christmas. 

And most importantly...

Don't forget that Christmas is about who you're with, not how much you can spend - don't overstretch yourself, the people who matter will love you no matter what!