The FairLife Charity is improving everyone’s lives by improving the finance products we use everyday (e.g. loans, mortgages, savings, pensions) and promoting financial education.

The FairLife Charity is fully independent and is being gifted to the nation by passing ownership to other leading charities and not-for-profits.  Current owners include The National Union of Students and AdviceUK.  Money raised by licencing the FairLife Mark is used to teach financial education in the country's schools and to promote good personal finance from school to retirement.

Adopting the FairLife Charity mark represents a pledge to price honestly and trade fairly with customers. By adopting the FairLife Mark we must follow the spirit as well as the letter of any agreed regulator’s rules and principles with an emphasis on treating customers fairly, and we must adhere to agreed sources of profit.  Any extra fees or charges being designed only to cover additional costs and not to generate additional profits.

Over time the FairLife Mark will bring an end to sneaky fees and rip-off penalty charges.  An end to profiting from people's misfortunes and vulnerabilities. The FairLife Mark will lead to a fairer society where effort is rewarded but nobody is exploited.  Together with financial education this will help everyone to live happier lives and plan for their futures with confidence.