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We are always pleased to get feedback from our valued customers. Find out what some of them have been saying about us here.

  • April 2021
    I have been with Holdfast a very long time (not sure when I joined) but it’s many years. Their rates are MUCH smaller than I was paying with doorstep loans years ago and the staff are helpful.

    I have had some years when I have received dividends.

    I do have one regret about Holdfast. I regret not finding them many years earlier.
    Daniel Mitchell
  • July 2020
    2 years ago my son asked me to join him and his wife on a Caribbean cruise … I've never been able to save but decided I really wanted this dream come true holiday .. I had heard of credit unions but had never joined one .. I found Holdfast and signed up to save... This has changed my life ! I saved for my cruise and spending money and also bought new clothes .I was so proud to think that the small regular payments I had made had added up to enable me to have my dream !!! Unfortunately Covid stopped me having my holiday but I've booked for next year to go to Israel and possibly India. During lockdown I've been able to use some of my savings to revamp my garden and redecorate my home .. Thank you Holdfast for giving me the power to save and to feel proud of myself .
  • Helpful & Friendly
    April 2020
    I approached Holdfast a few months back, and so glad I did. The whole experience was easy, the staff were amazing, friendly and couldn't do enough to help. I love that as you repay your loan you save at the same time. Holdfast not only helped me when I really needed it but gave me a great opportunity with savings. Will definitely continue using their services.
  • Help when I needed it!
    April 2020

    Still and forever grateful for Holdfast's help. It was worth getting the loan as I have an oven that works, which may seem so silly to others, however during this time (isolation) it's given me the ability to make cakes and cookies and popcorn with my daughter!

  • Non Judgemental
    March 2020
    I have found all staff very helpful and non-judgmental.

    You also answer enquires as quickly as possible within your opening hours.
  • Holdfast has made such a difference to my life
    June 2019
    Thank you so much ... the credit union has made such a difference to my life ... I wish I’d saved with you years ago .... just to know I have something I can fall back on in an emergency as well as saving for my cruise next year is amazing to me ... thank you so much
  • Peace of mind
    February 2019
    I was never able to save, there was alway's something that I needed to spend my money on. Now and again I would manage to save about a hundred pounds, before long I would have to spend it.

    Then one day I heard about Holdfast and I opened an account. I began saving by putting only very small amounts of money away, of course, this began to grow and really, I felt so good.

    Then one day I took out a loan, also continuing to save, I paid the loan up and then had another loan. This seemed so easy and worry-free as although I was buying thing's I needed I was also saving at the same time.

    At this stage, I want to tell you about the staff at Holdfast. They really care about their member's. Holdfast, are actually in the real world, they want what is best for each of their member's. Holdfast finds a way of not only loaning me money, they also showed me how to save while I was paying back the loan. I can hardly believe how much I have managed to save now. It's all mine, and I now have great peace of mind at last
  • Long Term
    January 2019
    I joined the Credit Union initially just to save some money for my daughter. After a few weeks of saving for her I decided to open my own account and I'm so glad I did! I now have 3 different savings pots aswell as the savings account for my daughter. Putting this money aside every week has helped me gain better control of my finances as I'm no longer relying on short term lenders in emergencies; I have my own savings there I can dip in to, or I have the option of borrowing against it if I need to.
    The Credit Union have been understanding of my need and have been willing to talk me through and help me through various financial situations and problems throughout the time I've been a member, and I couldn't be more grateful.

    *Author changed as customer wishes to remain anonymous
  • Debts
    November 2018
    When I joined Holdfast I had a lot of debt. I have been able to save a bit of money so much so I am now debt free. I would recommend joining Holdfast credit union to anyone.
    Miss Nicky Calam